Assignment 3 – Planning & Research

On doing research into couples photos, this proved quite difficult unless they were engagement or wedding photography.

I was able to find a news article on the Daily Mail website, capturing a few different ways of photographing couples kissing, hugging etc. The most noticeable similarity within the couples photographs is that they aren’t looking at the camera, they are almost unaware that the photographs are being taken.


Finding angry/breakup photos was a lot easier.

Laura Stevens’ series ‘Another November‘ captures the stages of grief following the breakdown of a relationship. A woman left heartbroken following the end of a relationship, asked her friends to pose for a therapeutic photography project. She asked the models to pose as she was feeling, and to incorporate their own experiences into it. These images are very personal to both the photographer and the model, and this comes across in the images.

Jordan Tiberio’s series Two Souls, captures the feeling of isolation in togetherness that accompanies a young couple on the verge of a breakup. The photographs give a haunting and lonely feeling to them. On the surface they could just be intimate photographs of a couple, but when you read into them more, you can really feel the emptiness and loneliness within the couple.

Other photographs below are ones that I have found of break ups came from a stock website.

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3


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