Assignment 3 – Tutor Feedback

Below is my tutor feedback for Assignment 3 with my responses: Overall Comments You have submitted three sound images that demonstrate your technical skills. It is clear that you are enthusiastic and willing to push yourself. It’s great that you have used in-camera and post-production skills. I have raised a few issues with the conceptual […]

Assignment 3 – Reflection

Below are my comments of Assignment 3 with regards to the assessment criteria: Demonstration of technical and visual skills I feel that this assignment stretched my technical and visual skills. Because it was a self-portrait, I didn’t feel as though I was wholly in control of the images, as they were taken on self timer. […]

Assignment 3 – Final Planning

After making a final decision on what I wanted my final piece to look like (see previous blog posts), I made a quick sketch, seen below, of how I wanted the models (myself and my boyfriend) to be placed within the frame. Once this was decided, I proceeded to take the photographs needed. As this […]

Assignment 3 – Further planning and research

Following on from the previous research, I have decided to try to incorporate the two sides of a relationship within one photograph. To have the loving side as the pain focal point of the photograph, but to have a haunting, and almost ghost like effect of the negative side also within the photograph.   In […]