Gregory Crewdson research

Research Gregory Crewsdon. Watch the following video: on his work. Gregory Crewsdon is an American photographer who focuses on capturing the American suburbia in his work. He uses a very cinematic approach when capturing his images; heavily set up lighting, locations, models, props, etc. From watching the video, I was very impressed with the length that Crewsdon […]

Philip-Lorca DiCorcia research

For Philip-Lorca DiCorcia’s series Hustlers, he (along with an assistant) found locations in LA, set up a camera and lighting, and then went to find male prostitutes and paid them to be photographed in the pre-set up shoot. The images were lit in such a way that they emphasised the artificial and neon lights that LA […]

Tom Hunter research

Tom Hunter is a photographer from Hackney, East London. For his series Living in Hell and Other Stories, he used headlines from the Hackney Gazette that portray the local area in a negative way. He picked the most sensationalised headlines and created an image that would be conjured up in the readers minds from reading these headlines. […]

Part 5 – Project 1 – Exercise

Watch this famous scene from Goodfellas: What does this scene tell you about the main character? How does it do this? List the ‘clues’. This is scene is a long take following the main character and his date through a back entrance to a prolific club. You can tell this is the main character, as […]