Project 1 – Postmodern narrative – research

Modernism was a¬†self-conscious and ironic art form , which often led to experiments with creating a painting, photograph, building, etc. Modernism rejected the ideology of realism and makes use of the works of the past including rewriting¬†and parody. Postmodernism was a movement away from this, and enabled the ‘reader’ to interpret the art themselves. They […]

Project 1 – Using pictures to tell a story – Robert Frank research

Robert Frank’s – The Americans In 1955, Frank travelled across the United States and photographed its society from all social status’. During the two years he was on the road, he took 28,000 shots. Only 83 of those were finally selected by him for publication in The Americans. On looking at this set of images, […]

Project 1 – Telling a story – ‘The Dad Project’ and ‘Country Doctor’

The Country Doctor photograph essay uses mainly candid shots of the doctor, and is shot from the 3rd person, as though the viewer is looking at snapshots of the life of the doctor. The Dad Project on the other hand is told from the first person. Although most shots are candid, some of them are […]