Recorded Conversation

Record a real conversation with a friend. Before listening to the recording, write your account of both sides of the conversation. Then listen to the recording, and make note of discrepancies. Reflect upon the believability of re-enacted narratives and how this can be applied to constructed photography. What for you learn from the conversation recording process […]

Nicky Bird research

Nicky Bird’s series Question for Seller was created when Bird purchased old family photos from eBay that no-one else had bid on. Once purchased, the questions posted to the seller were; “How did you come across the photos and what, if anything, do you know about them?”. Their replies were then used along with the photos in […]

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin research

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin created a series of work called People in Trouble Laughing Pushed to the Ground. This series took original archive photographs from the troubles in Northern Island and created a new meaning to them. When the photos were originally chosen for publication; a marker dot was placed somewhere on the photograph, Broomberg and […]