Self absented Portraiture – Anna Fox research

Anna Fox’s series Cockroach Diary is a set of text (in diary form) and photographs telling the story of a cockroach invasion in a shared London house where she was living. The series tells more about the relationships between herself and her housemates than it does about the cockroaches. I like the comedic value of this series, and feel […]

Self absented Portraiture – Nigel Shafran research

Nigel Shafran documented the act of washing the dishes in his apartment’s kitchen for a series of photographs entitled Washing Up. His observations of daily life give us a glimpse of this everyday chore from someone else’s perspective. Did it surprise you that this was taken by a man? Why? I don’t think it did […]

Self absented Portraiture – Maria Kapajeva research

Maria Kapajeva created the series A portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman when she moved to the UK to photograph woman , who like her, had moved to another country to pursue their dreams of a successful career and not to conform to the pressures of society. She found ways t photograph them to show […]