Assignment 5 – Research

Developing on from the idea of using the issue of weight and body image, I have undergone the following research.   Jen Davis a New York based photographer. For the eleven years,she worked  on her project that tracks her weight loss journey, covering issues about beauty, identity and body image. Throughout the series, you see her […]

Nicky Bird research

Nicky Bird’s series Question for Seller was created when Bird purchased old family photos from eBay that no-one else had bid on. Once purchased, the questions posted to the seller were; “How did you come across the photos and what, if anything, do you know about them?”. Their replies were then used along with the photos in […]

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin research

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin created a series of work called People in Trouble Laughing Pushed to the Ground. This series took original archive photographs from the troubles in Northern Island and created a new meaning to them. When the photos were originally chosen for publication; a marker dot was placed somewhere on the photograph, Broomberg and […]

Gregory Crewdson research

Research Gregory Crewsdon. Watch the following video: on his work. Gregory Crewsdon is an American photographer who focuses on capturing the American suburbia in his work. He uses a very cinematic approach when capturing his images; heavily set up lighting, locations, models, props, etc. From watching the video, I was very impressed with the length that Crewsdon […]

Philip-Lorca DiCorcia research

For Philip-Lorca DiCorcia’s series Hustlers, he (along with an assistant) found locations in LA, set up a camera and lighting, and then went to find male prostitutes and paid them to be photographed in the pre-set up shoot. The images were lit in such a way that they emphasised the artificial and neon lights that LA […]

Tom Hunter research

Tom Hunter is a photographer from Hackney, East London. For his series Living in Hell and Other Stories, he used headlines from the Hackney Gazette that portray the local area in a negative way. He picked the most sensationalised headlines and created an image that would be conjured up in the readers minds from reading these headlines. […]