Assignment 5 – Tutor Feedback

Below is my tutor feedback for my final assignment with my thoughts on the comments;

Assignment 5 – Tutor Feedback

Telephone tutorial and feedback provided on 08/05/17

Great to chat earlier. Please refer to the notes that you took during our telephone feedback session, below are some points regarding our discussion. On the whole the assignment is sound and demonstrates your engagement and work. There is a clear context that you have applied and you have shown a conceptual development throughout the course. Make sure that you reflect upon this at the time of assignment and take the opportunity to reflect on this point within your work and your progression. Technically the final image needs a little refining with your Photoshop skills to make the image more convincing. Add more relevant research to your learning log, look at artists around the notion of personal inquiry, feminism and the self-portrait.

Consider how you present your work for assessment as we discussed and make sure that you reflect upon the assessment criteria. Produce an artist statement that reflects upon how your visual strategy and conceptual concerns have developed over the course and may have differed to previous work.

Good luck with assessment and your future work.

Feedback on assignment

• The assignment has depth and is topical
• It demonstrates a more personal and reflective narrative
• This personal approach has evolved through the course
• It’s an interesting and engaging way of working
• Highlight this strategy to the assessment team
• Demonstrate your conceptual approach and progress to assessment. This is something that I can develop upon in the rework of the write up
• Self-reflection and self-portraiture is a common and worthy approach
• Evidence further research into the area – update your learning log. I will research further the subject matter with the suggested reading below
• The final image is minimal and helps to reflect the narrative
• The idea is sound based on good research
• Use of lighting and framing is appropriate
• Good that you were thinking about your facial expression
• Expression is not too overdone or needy – reaches beyond the deadpan too
• Re-look at the technical aspects but great that you have challenged yourself
• Use of Photoshop tools ok but re-do the look and feel to make more authentic
• Refine the Photoshop around the waist, needs tweaking. This is something can be easily reworked
• Great that you considered posture and the emotion of work
• Reflect further on the viewer – female, male – gaze?  I will try to get some peer feedback and work that into my write up


• Good input into coursework
• Continued approach throughout
• Complete any coursework still to do


• Make sure that you update your research
• Evidence this on learning log
• Add more research related to assignment 5
• Consider writing overview of your learning process for assessment
• Highlight your conceptual concerns as discussed
• Take to the time to review and reflect upon your contextual and conceptual concerns

Suggested reading/viewing

Have a look at these artists in relation to personal issues and the self-portrait:
Jo Spence:
Gillian Wearing & Claude Cahun:
Cindy Sherman:
The British Journal of Photography (The Female Gaze):


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