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Assessors, Here is my completed Learning Log for the Context & Narrative module of Photography 1. Full name: Sophie Letchford Student Number: 514921 Artist Statement: Across this course, my concept of creating narrative has concluded in a strong and emotive image for my final assignment. Working through the course has allowed me to develop a sense of […]

Assignment 4 – Rework

Following my tutor feedback, below is my reworked Assignment 4;   Assignment 4 – ‘A picture is worth 1000 words’ In this essay, I will look at the photo taken by Annie Leibowitz of Queen Elizabeth II and her grandchildren as part of her 90th birthday celebration that was published in May 2016’s edition of […]

Assignment 5 – Printing process

Following on from my tutor feedback with the recommendation to print this assignment, I decided to print the final image in a 12×8 size. I decided to print it this size so that it was large enough to be able to clearly see the emotion in my face, the reflection clearly, and the photoshopping that […]

Assignment 5 – Cindy Sherman research

Cindy Sherman is an American photographer best known for her conceptual portraits involving self portraiture and ideas about feminism. Her work generally relates to the feminine form and they way society and the media portray and view women. The two images below come from a set of images that depict a variety of women in […]

Assignment 5 – Tutor Feedback

Below is my tutor feedback for my final assignment with my thoughts on the comments; Assignment 5 – Tutor Feedback Telephone tutorial and feedback provided on 08/05/17 Great to chat earlier. Please refer to the notes that you took during our telephone feedback session, below are some points regarding our discussion. On the whole the […]