Assignment 3 – Rework

Below is my re-written evaluation accompanied with the original photographs sent to my tutor:

Assignment 3 – Putting yourself in the picture

This assignment required one to keep a diary for a set period of time (approx two weeks). When I first read this, I was quite worried, as I haven’t kept a diary for a very long time, and also I find it quite difficult to put my feelings and emotions into words.

After a few days of writing, there were three main themes that stood out to me; nostalgia, love and anger/arguing. Being in a new relationship, we are still trying to get to know each other and sometimes this can cause arguments, but we still care a great deal about each other. I decided to incorporate the two feelings into one set of photographs, showing the good and bad side of a relationship in one photograph.

After having previously looked at Francesca Woodman’s and Benjamin Heller’s work, I like the ghost like effect to the images, making the viewer wonder if hat they were seeing was ‘real’ or not.

For my final images, I tried to create a set to show the imminent break down of a relationship. The first photo A Peaceful Resolution is what the title suggests and portrays a couple in a situation whereby they need to work on their relationship. The second photo A Breakdown shows the couple in a heated argument, in a clearly unhappy situation. And third and final photograph Walking Away shows the final breakdown of the relationship, and the man walking away from the situation. All of the images also have the couple in a happy embrace, making the viewer feel confused as to what is the real side of the couple that they should believe.

All of the photographs were taken using a tripod and a self-timer app on my phone directly connected to the camera. We took the loved up photos first as they needed less setting up, followed by the contrasting argument shots. The interior shot was taken in a spare room at my house, and the exterior shots – one in the woods, and another at a park, both near to where we live. The locations had no significant affects to the photographs, other than that they would be locations that both sides of the story could take place.

The ‘ghost like effect’ was achieved in post- production, using layers and lowering the opacity of the selected layer and erasing any excess parts of the image. I chose to make the photographs black and white so as to strip right back to the rawness of the emotion behind them.

Overall, the project I have created is very thought provoking and allows the viewer to relate these images to their own life and the relationships within them.


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