Assignment 2 – Final Rework

Below is my new write up with my original photographs attached:

Assignment 2 – Photographing the unseen

On first read of the assignment choices, I decided to go for photographing the unseen. I felt that this choice would allow me to be more creative.

The hardest part of this assignment or me was to choose an emotion or feeling that I was experiencing.  In the end, the three feelings I narrowed it down to were; nostalgia, stress and love. Out of these, I chose Love.

Love is a difficult emotion to convey in any sense. It is completely personal to oneself and can be shown and interpreted in many different ways. There are also many different types of love; I chose to convey the love between a couple.

As this assignment was about photographing the unseen, I decided to twist the meaning and have my photographs so no emotion at all. By having my subjects have a deadpan expression in the photographs, there is no give away to the relationship between them; they could be lovers, friends or even strangers.  I then asked each couple to handwrite what they loved most about the other person. By doing this, I was able to manipulate the meaning of the photograph into what I wanted the viewer to see. Also, with it being handwritten, it adds a sense of authenticity.

In post-production, I decided to change the photographs to black and white to strip the photos back to raw emotion. By having the colour removed, it enables the viewer to be less distracted by patterns and colour and focus completely on the faces and the emotions within the image. I also made the images and text into a Polaroid type image with the writing below as this tied the whole images together. By also printing them in this way, it added an extra sense of credibility.

The overall idea came from Duane Michals’ This Photograph is My Proof. He did a similar idea, in that the photo did not directly give anything away, but the text added a different meaning. He also used the Polaroid theme in this set.


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