Assignment 1 – Final Rework

Please find below my original write up with the new and final set of photographs underneath.

Assignment 1 – Two sides of the story

On reading the brief for this assignment, I struggled to come up with an idea for it.
A few of the ideas I had were; using my local area and capturing the nice and the not so nice side of it, but I didn’t feel I could make this convincing or original enough.
Another idea I had was to create a scene of a crime, and use the two sets of images to allow the viewer to decide on whether it was a murder or a suicide. On reflection of this, I think it would have been too difficult to stage, and again to get convincing images.
Finally, after much deliberation, I decided to use a model to create two different situations; at work and at home.

The model I used (my mother), is a successful director of a small business but she is also a housewife when she isn’t at work. I wanted to capture these two conflicting sides of her personality.
When she is at work, she is in charge of a small team, and although it has a relaxed atmosphere it is necessary that she has to be professional with her staff.
When she is at home, rather than relaxing after a hard days work, she is still having to “keep home”, and reluctantly has to do housework.

When capturing both sets of these images, I wanted to try and let the emotions come through in my images.
In Set 1, where she is at work, I kept them in colour and photographed her interviewing, giving a talk, and general office activities. In these images she is either concentrating or looking happy to be at work.
In Set 2, where she is at home, I changed these to black and white, as I wanted to enhance the moodiness and unhappy feel to these photos.

I found this assignment quite difficult, in trying to capture both sides of the story to be convincing.  Also in trying to make the photographs look candid and unstaged, this was difficult when using a model, because I still in some way needed to pose them and take the images at the right time in order to convey my idea.


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