Assignment 5 – Choosing the final image

For my initial shots for this assignment, I made sure I got the correct lighting and positioning of both myself and my camera (and tripod). Once I had achieved that, it was a case of position myself and getting the emotional look on my face and my posture correct in order to obtain the final image that I wanted to achieve.

As you can see from the contact sheets below, I tried many combinations in order to get the best shot.

I then narrowed this down to my favourite three based on the emotion conveyed in my expression, my posture and stance and the positioning of the camera that gave the most successful photos. Of which was the following three:

From these three final images, I chose the best and proceed to edit it. In the post production process, I edited out the shelf on the left of the image, the door and the photo on the right hand side. I then proceeded to slim down the reflection, by using the cloning tool on Photoshop, slimming the belly area, the arm , the legs, and the adding a curvature to my back. I then added extra shadowing throughout to make areas look slimmer and some areas look larger. I then made the whole photo into black and white as I feel that strips it down to the raw emotion of the image.
Below shows the original image, the editing in colour, and then the final image in black and white;



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