Recorded Conversation

Record a real conversation with a friend. Before listening to the recording, write your account of both sides of the conversation. Then listen to the recording, and make note of discrepancies. Reflect upon the believability of re-enacted narratives and how this can be applied to constructed photography. What for you learn from the conversation recording process and how can you transfer what you have learned into making pictures?

For this exercise, I recorded a conversation between my boyfriend and I when he returned home from work about how his day had been. It was a short 5 minute conversation about the pros and cons of his day.

Once we had finished conversing, I noted down all I could remember from the conversation. On listening back to the recording, I noticed there were chunks of dialogue that I had missed throughout, including a large chunk at the end. As well as this, I noticed there were many pauses, stammering and repeating of words that I neither picked up on at the time of the conversation, or later when I was reviewing it. There were also times where we were talking over one another which I had not noted down.

From this recording process, I have learnt that what one remembers and communicates after the moment, is not always how it played out in real-time. From this, you can assume that when photographs have been purposefully constructed, that what the photographer was trying to imply may not be viewed the first time of seeing the photograph. Perhaps the viewer needs to revisit the image in order to get the complete story.


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