Tom Hunter research

Tom Hunter is a photographer from Hackney, East London. For his series Living in Hell and Other Stories, he used headlines from the Hackney Gazette that portray the local area in a negative way. He picked the most sensationalised headlines and created an image that would be conjured up in the readers minds from reading these headlines. By using the local residents in this way, he was able to bridge the gap between fact and fiction, and tell the real stories of the people that are often misrepresented.

The photographs are clever in the fact that, we as a viewer are misled as to whether the images that we are seeing are real or staged. I think that the only way in that the viewer can differentiate the fact that they are staged is because they are just that. They are very posed and very organised. If they were take in a photo-journalism way, they wouldnt be so tidy, and so well lit as the ones you can see below.

halloween-horrors-2003-email naked-death-plunge-email sex-assault-email


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