Philip-Lorca DiCorcia research

For Philip-Lorca DiCorcia’s series Hustlers, he (along with an assistant) found locations in LA, set up a camera and lighting, and then went to find male prostitutes and paid them to be photographed in the pre-set up shoot.

The images were lit in such a way that they emphasised the artificial and neon lights that LA has throughout it. Some of the locations were car parks, motel rooms and street corners – locations that these prostitutes used for business. He then captioned he photographs with their name, age and how much he paid them to take part (which is also the price they would charge for sex).

Although on first look these photographs look like general street photography, they are not captured in the same way as we are used to. By being entirely constructed to DiCorcia’s ideas, he was able to full control on how his images were to turn out. Although the subjects are being directed within the photographs, DiCorcia chose the right moments to capture them to create the image he had in mind to achieve. Not only are the images very perfectly set up, in that there is no distractions or messiness within them, the lighting within the series is very stylised, and almost adds a sense that they could be used for an advertisement.

Chris 28 years old, Los Angeles, $30

Chris 28 years old, Los Angeles, $30

Mike Vincetti, 24 yewas old, New York, $30

Mike Vincetti, 24 years old, New York, $30

Tim, 27 years old, Orange County, $30

Tim, 27 years old, Orange County, $30


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