Assignment 4 – Further Research

For the next part of my research, I looked into photographs and paintings that had been taken of royalty (mainly Queen Victoria, and previous pictures of Queen Elizabeth II). The paintings of Victoria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter are generally a very relaxed set up but in a very regal environment – similar to that of the photograph I have chosen to analyse.


Following on from this, I looked into photographs taken by royal photographer Cecil Beaton.

Susanna Brown, the curator of photographs at the V&A, talks about Beaton’s contact sheets that have never been on public display before. “She’s there just being mum and doing what comes naturally and because she’s known him since she was a teenager, she trusts him and feels comfortable. But the more “modern” image of the Royal Family is also key – the idea of them having very important public duties but also being a family perhaps not all that different to our own families, day-to-day. That is the message these photos project.” (Nikkhah, 2012)




Nikkhah, R. (2012) How Cecil Beaton helped save the queen. Available at:



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