Project 2 – Diane Arbus research

From reading the chapter by Liz Jobey on Diane Arbus in Singular Image: Essays on remarkable photographs, there are a few clear things that stand out to me on the way she writes the essay;

  • At the beginning of the essay, Jobey outlines some rhetorical questions to allow the reader to develop their own ideas whilst they are reading the essay and looking at the photograph.
  • She then goes on to looking at specific points, areas and subject of the photograph and breaking them down to discuss the connotations and denotations that they have. I noticed that Jobey doesn’t always just stick to one ultimate outcome, she discusses that certain points of the photograph could have different meanings within them.
  • Jobey does her research into both the photographer, and the history of the people within the photograph. This allows her to get a further insight into what Arbus was trying to achieve with this image. She has achieved this research by using text that Arbus used herself when the photograph was published in a Sunday Times magazine.
  • She also does further research into other images the photographer has taken and uses them to develop her interpretation of this particular image.
  • Finally, Jobey summarises with what she felt Arbus was trying to achieve with the photograph and how she has managed to do this to the viewer.



Jobey, L. (2014) singular images arbus. Available at: (Accessed: 14 June 2016).

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