Assignment 4 – Further Research

For the next part of my research, I looked into photographs and paintings that had been taken of royalty (mainly Queen Victoria, and previous pictures of Queen Elizabeth II). The paintings of Victoria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter are generally a very relaxed set up but in a very regal environment – similar to that of […]

Assignment 4 – Initial Research

For my initial research into my chosen photograph for this contextual essay, I looked into media articles that were published at the time that the photograph was released. An article in the Telegraph newspaper tells the reader each of the children’s names, as though to clarify what we already know. Many of the articles that […]

Assignment 4 – Choosing a photograph

The brief ask; Write an essay of 1000 words on an image of your choice. The brief suggests either to choose: A well-known photograph – taking time to research it context, intentions of the photographer, etc. Using all of this research as well as your own interpretation, A found photograph – try to avoid telling the […]

Project 2 – Diane Arbus research

From reading the chapter by Liz Jobey on Diane Arbus in Singular Image: Essays on remarkable photographs, there are a few clear things that stand out to me on the way she writes the essay; At the beginning of the essay, Jobey outlines some rhetorical questions to allow the reader to develop their own ideas whilst they […]