Project 2 – Reading Pictures – Exercise 1

This advert I found in a Sunday supplement. I decided to go for this advert as on the surface it is quite self explanatory but the more you look into the advert, the more there is to find.


  1. The hand in the image denotes a person wearing a bracelet connoting that is a woman on the surfboard and this is directly related to the target audience for the product.
  2. The water in the image has a direct link to the product in that it is a bathroom product.
  3. This section of writing uses the word leaked, again directly linking it to the bathroom product. The yellow highlighted part of the text targets the audience directly and uses the media’s portrayal of women and their different sizes to promote its product.
  4. The nail colour on the model ties in with the blue in both the advert and the box of the product.
  5. The use of the hashtag in the advert appeals to its target market. It enables the product to convey a message of youth and fun to the audience.
  6. The large text at the bottom enables the viewer (women) to subconsciously feel empowered by the advertisement.

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