Project 2 – Research point

On reading of Sharon Boothroyd’s blog post of Jeff Walls’ Insomnia, the first thing I noticed was the clear layout of how she structured her analysis. The deconstruction seemed to flow well, and felt that she had done her researched and thought about what how she is going to structure her essay. I also noticed how she gave […]

Project 2 – Reading pictures – Semiotics research

To actively understand the theories of deconstruction, I decided to further my research, using a book from the recommended reading list. The third chapter in Stephen Bull’s Photography covers all areas of the meaning of photographs. He starts by explaining signifiers and signified. The signifier being the material part of the sign; the way it sounds, or […]

Assignment 3 – Tutor Feedback

Below is my tutor feedback for Assignment 3 with my responses: Overall Comments You have submitted three sound images that demonstrate your technical skills. It is clear that you are enthusiastic and willing to push yourself. It’s great that you have used in-camera and post-production skills. I have raised a few issues with the conceptual […]