Project 1 – The language of photography – Erwitt’s Dog Dogs

When looking the dog image in the course notes by Elliott Erwitt, the first thing that stands out to me is the way it follows the ‘rule of thirds’, below I split the image in to this rule.


As you can see the small dog that is the main subject in the photograph is in cross-section of the final third on the right and the last third of the vertical division. The other subjects in the photograph (the legs), are also placed in the other two-thirds of the image. This suggests that although at a quick glance, it my look like a snapshot, the image would have been constructed in this way to draw the viewers eyes to the places Erwitt wanted them to.

Even though the torso and heads have been cut off of the subjects, the image does not feel incomplete as the small dog is of a whole. Because this do has been made the main subject, it doesn’t make the viewer feel like they are missing out on any part of the narrative.

On first glance, you would think that there are two pairs of human legs, but as you look longer at the photograph, you realise that it is another set of dogs legs. This personifies the dog, and adds a sense of humanity to it, which continues into the rest of this series.


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