Assignment 3 – Final Planning

After making a final decision on what I wanted my final piece to look like (see previous blog posts), I made a quick sketch, seen below, of how I wanted the models (myself and my boyfriend) to be placed within the frame.

idea sketches

Once this was decided, I proceeded to take the photographs needed. As this is a self-portrait task, I used myself in the images, and would therefore need to use a tripod and self timer.

I used the SAMSUNG NX-3000 to take the photographs. The benefit of this camera is that one is able to connect it to an App on a mobile phone and use that to control the shutter, this proved a better option rather than putting it on self timer and then attempting to get into the frame.

The first set of images were taking in a woods close to where I live. I started with the ‘love’ photographs as I think these are easier to act out. I took a number of different poses to see which would look best in post production. I also did the same thing with the ‘anger’ photographs, taking a few to choose the best photos at a later date.


The second set of photographs were taking in my home, to add a personal sense to them. As with the first set, I took a few images of each set to choose the best one to use in the final set.


The final set of images were taking in a local park. As you can see from my sketch, I was originally going to take the photos at night. I decided to change this, to keep a sense of continuity to the images, and luckily came across the log that made for good shots.


In post production, I looked though the photographs that I had taken and chose the best ones which showed the best contradiction between the feelings of love and anger. In set 2 and 3, I took certain aspects from different images, and put together in one, to create the best final piece (as circled on the contact sheets).

To create the ghost effect, I layered the images, lowered the opacity of the angry side, and erased any excess overlay. I decided to make the whole thing black and white, as it fit well within the emotional side of the images. I feel it strips back to he ‘rawness’ of the emotion, and there isn’t colour to distract the viewer.


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