Assignment 3 – Further planning and research

Following on from the previous research, I have decided to try to incorporate the two sides of a relationship within one photograph. To have the loving side as the pain focal point of the photograph, but to have a haunting, and almost ghost like effect of the negative side also within the photograph.


In Benjamin Heller’s personal statement on his website, it states that “his work seeks to create images and environments with an experience or narrative that sparks our imagination within the containment of a single image”. He uses the connection between the physical world and from the inside. In his work The Long Walk, he uses a ghost like effect of a couple kissing across a dining table, making the viewer question whether it is a real image or something from inside the mind.








From previously looking at Francesca Woodman’s work, she also uses a ghost like effect to her photographs to make the viewer wonder if what they are seeing is reality or not.










I found the photo below whilst searching online, from a flickr site. This is the type of photo that I am going to try to emulate but with couple’s emotion as opposed to one persons.


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