Assignment 3 – Reflection

Below are my comments of Assignment 3 with regards to the assessment criteria: Demonstration of technical and visual skills I feel that this assignment stretched my technical and visual skills. Because it was a self-portrait, I didn’t feel as though I was wholly in control of the images, as they were taken on self timer. […]

Assignment 3 – Final Planning

After making a final decision on what I wanted my final piece to look like (see previous blog posts), I made a quick sketch, seen below, of how I wanted the models (myself and my boyfriend) to be placed within the frame. Once this was decided, I proceeded to take the photographs needed. As this […]

Assignment 3 – Further planning and research

Following on from the previous research, I have decided to try to incorporate the two sides of a relationship within one photograph. To have the loving side as the pain focal point of the photograph, but to have a haunting, and almost ghost like effect of the negative side also within the photograph.   In […]

Assignment 3 – Planning & Research

On doing research into couples photos, this proved quite difficult unless they were engagement or wedding photography. I was able to find a news article on the Daily Mail website, capturing a few different ways of photographing couples kissing, hugging etc. The most noticeable similarity within the couples photographs is that they aren’t looking at the […]