Exercise – Recreating a childhood memory

Recreate a childhood memory in a photograph. Think carefully about he memory you choose and how you’ll recreate it. 

I found this task quite difficult, in that the prominent childhood memories I have are of holidays abroad, and struggled to find a way to recreate this.

After much deliberation, I decided to use the idea of getting my first camera. When I was a young child (around 3/4), I had a fisher price film camera, and this is the first memory I have of being interested in photography.
Unfortunately, I found that I no longer own this camera, and finding one to buy online proved difficult, I was able to find an updated version that was a digital version.

I then had to decide how I was going to capture the image in which to recreate this memory. I decided to use myself as an adult as a stand in for myself as a child. I tried taking photographs of myself opening the camera like a present but wasn’t happy with the composition, and didn’t feel like it was personal enough. I therefore decided to take the photograph of myself using the camera.

If I was to create this image again, I think I would use a child as the model for myself, as I think this would be a better representation of the memory.

f: 5, 1/13 sec, ISO:400, Focal length: 35mm

f: 5, 1/13 sec, ISO:400, Focal length: 35mm


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