Self absented Portraiture – Maria Kapajeva research

MKapajeva3-Helena MKapajeva8-BaibaMaria Kapajeva created the series A portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman when she moved to the UK to photograph woman , who like her, had moved to another country to pursue their dreams of a successful career and not to conform to the pressures of society. She found ways t photograph them to show of their uniqueness and strength within their own working environment.

Although she doesn’t directly place herself within the images, she is reflecting her own views and thoughts about herself into the photographs and through the models. She is able to show a representation of herself in an autobiographical way. When you look at the photographs on their own first, they do not give off this impression, but when the accompanying text is read, it becomes more apparent what the photographer is trying to achieve and is done very cleverly.

Sophie Calle’s project Take care of yourself started from her receiving a break up email from her boyfriend, using the projects title as the final sign off words. Calle then proceed to show the email to 107 different women, from different backgrounds, and different walks of life for their interpretation of it. As they read the email, she photographed them and then asked them to analyse it according to their job.

In doing this she was able to show a representation of herself using a medium that she was familiar with to cope with the emotions of receiving the email. By asking the other women to interpret it, she was allowing them to do the same thing using what they were familiar with.


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