Assignment 2 – Reflection

Below are my comments of Assignment 2 with regards to the assessment criteria:

Demonstration of technical and visual skills
I think on this assignment I have showed a good understanding of the technical skills required. My idea was clear cut, and I feel like I achieved what I set out to do with my final images.

Quality of outcome
I feel like I have achieved this section well. My final assessment images and my learning log are presented in a coherent manner. Both within my final images and my blog, I think that I have communicated my ideas and thoughts well.

Demonstration of creativity
By twisting the meaning of the brief slightly, I feel I have shown a good amount of creativity. I was able to take the brief and interpret it in my own way. I was also able to show that I used a photographer that was previously mentioned in the coursework as an inspiration to create my final images.

So far, I have not had the benefit of visiting an exhibition, so am finding some of the extra curricular studies difficult. However, the contextual studies within the course, I feel that I have been able to analyse and contribute my ideas to them successfully.


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