Project 3 – Photographing the Unseen – Case Studies

On first reading of the three case studies, I thought that Peter Mansell’s resonated with me most. Having lived with a disabled relative, I can understand the struggle that they go through to communicate with people what they are feeling and experiencing. By Mansell’s use of photography, he is able to project thess images in a way that is easily depicted, yet open to interpretation as they are not obvious in their meaning.

As I read further into Jodie Taylor’s – Memories of Childhood, I think this resonated with me more. I moved home a lot as a child, and feel like I never really had a “childhood home”. By looking at Jodie’s series, she has left her images open to interpretation, and allows a window into her childhood. By doing this, she allows the viewer (including myself) to think about their own experiences and memories as a child, in addition to portraying her own.

With regards to authorial control, I don’t think it’s necessarily lost, I think the viewer is able to interpret it in their own way. Although the photographer has had a subject matter in mind, by using this postmodern way of creating photographs, it adds more depth and extra levels to the photos, making them more personal to each viewer.


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