Assignment 2 – Photographing the unseen – Planning

Out of the two options for Assignment 2, I decided to go for photographing the unseen.

I felt that I was able to be more adventurous with this selection as opposed to using props.

In my opinion, the kind of subject that could be seen as unphotographable is mainly emotions and feelings. It is hard to convey emotions in images as everyone feels these differently, and read them in photos differently depending on their own experiences. I have decided to choose and use an emotion to photograph the unseen.

You might go about portraying these in photography by using; implications in photographs, making the viewer see and feel something in the photograph that might not really be there. Another way to portray this is through the use of text as Duan Michals did in his set of images.

Over the last few weeks I have been experiencing many emotions, a few being;

  1. nostalgia – I had family returning from Australia that have not been seen in 3 years
  2. Stress – Work/Life/Uni balance, as well as juggling Christmas
  3. Love/New relationship

By carrying a notebook around, and having these 3/4 emotions in mind, I have thought of ways that I would be able to execute these in photographs.

  1. Nostalgia – I could photograph old photographs, along side new photographs of the same people. This could also be used with old/new places that have been visited with family, and loss of loved ones.
  2. Stress –  I could photograph piles of paperwork building up, no time, arrangement of presents/cards etc
  3. Love – For this you could photograph a date night, presents or flowers from my partner, or a range of couples.

I have decided to use Love for my choice of photographing the unseen. As it is difficult to convey true love in a photograph easily, I will twist the meaning within the photo and use text to contrast it.

For my assignment, I will use between 7-10 couples, photographed together with a dead pan expression on their faces. I will then ask each couple to write on a piece of paper what they love most about the other person. I will then use the handwritten note at the bottom of the image.
By doing this, although in the photograph, it will look like there is no love between them, the accompanying text will say quite the opposite. I hope this will summarise the meaning of photographing the unseen.


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