Project 2 – Image and text – Poem exercise

Choose a poem that resonates with you. Interpret it through photographs.


Legacy Of Love
A Wife, a Mother, A Nanny too
This is the legacy we have from you
You taught us love and how to fight
You gave us strength, you gave us might
A stronger person would be hard to find
And in your heart, you were always kind
You fought for us all in one way or another
Not just as a wife not just as a mother
For all of us you gave your best
Now the time has come for you to rest
So go in peace, you’ve earned you sleep
Your love in our hearts, we’ll eternally keep

I have chosen the above poem because it was used a few years ago on the order of service for my Nan’s funeral. The poem is especially important to me, and I thought I could interpret it well through photographs.

When I read this poem, the feelings of loss and mourning really resonate with me. It reminds me of a day where we said goodbye, and felt like there was something missing.
I tried to capture this in the first photo. This image is a photo down our hallway into her empty bedroom to show the feeling of emptiness.
The second photo, is a photograph of a locket that I wear on a daily basis with a photo of her and my grandad in them. I captured the image of it in a natural position, laying open on the side to give the viewer an idea of what I interpreted from the poem.
The third image was from the condolence book that was at her funeral. This image clearly depicts the solemness of the poem.
The fourth and final image, is a photo of the poem printed in the order of the service. This photograph is the most obvious interpretation of the series, clearly showing where the poem was used, and why it resonates with me.

I think these images sit together well visually, expect for perhaps the first one as it is slightly more ambiguous. I think there is enough information given to the viewer about the interpretation of the poem.

If I was to rework this in the future, I could have included a few more pictures; some of flowers and some of old family photos.





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