Project 2 – Sophie Calle and Sophy Ricketts research

Sophie Calle’s project Take care of yourself started from her receiving a break up email from her boyfriend, using the projects title as the final sign off words. Calle then proceed to show the email to 107 different women, from different backgrounds, and different walks of life for their interpretation of it. As they read the email, she photographed them and then asked them to analyse it according to their job.
It was quite difficult to find an example of the work online, but I did find was that project consisted of photographs, text and videos of the reactions of the women. Calle interpolates the evidence with silk-screened echoes: important data is circled in red, or words from the document underneath plate-glass are lifted out and printed on top of it, hovering above the artifact. (Fisher, 2009)
By using this post modern approach, she influences the way the viewer interprets the project as a whole. Even though the women she used as subjects interpreted in different ways, they all had one outcome of ‘scorning’ the writer of the email.

Sophy Ricketts’s project Objects in the Field was created from an encounter with astronomer and scientist Roderick Willstrop, who built The Three Mirror Telescope,which produced black and white film negatives of space. She also included a supporting booklet in her project, a description of her encounter with Willstrop including subjective impressions and memories from her childhood connected to optics.
With Rickett’s work, it is less obvious that it is a post modern approach unlike Calle’s project. However, with her use of the accompanying text and by making it personal, she is able to make the viewer draw upon their own experiences to view and interpret the project in different ways.


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