Kaylyn Deveney Research

Kaylyn Deveney’s book The Day to Day Life of Albert Hastings is a combination of photography by herself and text and drawings by Mr. Hastings. As the title suggests, the book offers a look into the routines of Albert Hastings.

Once the photographs were taken, she gave them to Hastings to write captions for them. Some of these captions are mundane and very straight to the point, but some add an insight into the character and emotions of the subject.

By captioning the photographs, we decipher his personality due to his choice of words in describing the photographs content. They often display, not only humor, but also a directness that comments on his perception of himself and photographs (Whiskets, 2007)

If the photographs were just themselves on their own, they would not have as much emotion as they do with the caption, and could be construed with a completely different narrative.



See the book here


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