Project 3 – Photographing the Unseen – Case Studies

On first reading of the three case studies, I thought that Peter Mansell’s resonated with me most. Having lived with a disabled relative, I can understand the struggle that they go through to communicate with people what they are feeling and experiencing. By Mansell’s use of photography, he is able to project thess images in […]

Duane Michals Research

Duane Michals’ manipulated the medium of photography to communicate narratives. He incorporated text as a key component in his works. Rather than serving an explanatory function, his handwritten text adds another dimension to the images’ meaning and gives voice to Michals’ singular musings, which are poetic, tragic, and humorous, often all at once. (Artist Info) Both these […]

Karen Knorr Research

Karen Knorr’s Gentlemen was photographed in English gentlemen’s clubs in central London. They depict the patriarchal values of the English upper middle classes with text constructed out of speeches of parliament and news. The text here was totally invented, inspired by clubland literature and speeches of parliament published in the Hansard section of The Times. The uppercase […]

Kaylyn Deveney Research

Kaylyn Deveney’s book The Day to Day Life of Albert Hastings is a combination of photography by herself and text and drawings by Mr. Hastings. As the title suggests, the book offers a look into the routines of Albert Hastings. Once the photographs were taken, she gave them to Hastings to write captions for them. Some of these captions […]

Project 2 – Sophie Calle and Sophy Ricketts research

Sophie Calle’s project Take care of yourself started from her receiving a break up email from her boyfriend, using the projects title as the final sign off words. Calle then proceed to show the email to 107 different women, from different backgrounds, and different walks of life for their interpretation of it. As they read the email, […]