Assignment 1 – Tutor Feedback

On receiving feedback from my tutor regarding Assignment 1, I was very happy with the comments that he gave and feel like he was impressed with my sets of images.


Overall feedback

The compositions and the technical aspects of the two sets of photographs are very good. The two sides of the same story (both series) are depicted very consistently and the two series are linked very well. The images are very expressive and they describe her personality in completely different roles and the various aspects of her daily routine are depicted without repetitiveness.

The choice to divide them in a black and white and a colour series was also good although the images express the two aspects of her emotional states very well even without it.


Your whole series is technically and compositionally consistent and no significant changes or re-working is necessary.

This is good to hear, as there is no major reworking of the images needed.


Individually the strongest images though, are the ones in which she is immersed in her activity and does not seem self-conscious in any way such as:

Set 1 (3) – This is the strongest image in the first part due to the excellent composition. She seems unaware of being photographed and every detail of the composition such as the folder on top and the briefcase below together create a very balanced image.

Set 1 (2) – I would have cropped the mouse out in the foreground (in the bottom of the image) and created a slightly ‘tighter’ crop. This is an easy change to make, if it is just a cropping issue.

Set 1 (5) – Although the socket on the wall is distracting and should be cropped out. I think this would be difficult to crop out as it would impede on the shoulder of the subject, but could be edited out in post processing.


Overall, set 2 is the slightly stronger of the two. The ones that stand due to their balanced compositions and most spontaneous impression are:

Set 2 (1), Set 2 (4), Set 2 (5)

The strong compositions, the apparent unawareness of her being photographed and the different patterns on her clothes make these the most interesting in this set.

Set 2 (2) – This image is the only full figure image in this set and is also very good although in this image and in Set 2 (3): The pictures on the wall are slightly distracting.
When capturing these images, it was difficult to get an area where there were no photographs, again these can be edited out in post processing.


Your blog is very well-organized and easy to navigate. You demonstrated that you are actively engaging with the course module and the research since and your comments in your blog are thoughtful and deliberated.

I also liked your personal input and enjoyed reading your thoughts about Robert Franks work. I would encourage you to continue doing that and to also write about exhibitions you see, photographers that you research, books that you read and any other thoughts that can be relevant for this course and your practice in general.

I will take on board all of this constructive criticism.



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