Project 1 – Using pictures to tell a story – Robert Frank research

Robert Frank’s – The Americans

In 1955, Frank travelled across the United States and photographed its society from all social status’. During the two years he was on the road, he took 28,000 shots. Only 83 of those were finally selected by him for publication in The Americans.

On looking at this set of images, it is clear to see that although there is no clear ‘story’, there is certainly a narrative and a message he is conveying. He is able to show the differences and similarities that are within one country; race, gender, social and economical status.

The Americans 1    The Americans 3    The Americans 2

These are my three favourite images, as I feel this get Franks’ idea across the best. The first image clearly makes known that these images were taken in America, because of the flag hanging from above. The second image shows the race divide, and also shows the poorer side of America working in the factories. The third image is the opposite and shows the richer side of America. The sky scraper is in contradiction to some of the other images that show the derelict buildings in the series.



The Americans


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