Project 1 – Postmodern narrative – research

Modernism was a self-conscious and ironic art form , which often led to experiments with creating a painting, photograph, building, etc. Modernism rejected the ideology of realism and makes use of the works of the past including rewriting and parody.
Postmodernism was a movement away from this, and enabled the ‘reader’ to interpret the art themselves. They were able to deconstruct and understand the meanings based on their own experiences and values in life.

In Roland Barthe’s essay The Death of the Author, he explores this idea. Barthes argues that aspects of the author’s identity (their political views, historical context, psychology, or  personal attributes) biases the author. Readers must separate a literary work from its creator, and analyse it for themselves. This would also take into account their personal attributes and life experiences.

In terms of photography, when a narrative is created it can often be left open to analysis from the viewer. The way one person sees a set of photographs, ould be different to another person depending of what is relevant to them. This is relevant when I looked at The Dad Project. I have had a family member go through a similar situation so this resonated with me more than it would with someone who hasn’t necessarily been through the same situation.


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