Project 5 – The manipulated image

When I first read this exercise, I immediately thought of using a selfie stick image of myself with a disaster happening in the background.

After looking at Peter Kennard’s images, I realised this was too similar and wanted to try something different.

I still wanted to use the selfie stick idea, and after discussing a few ideas with my peers, I decided to use the Blood Supermoon that had happened recently. There were some good images on the internet which I researched.

I decided to take the image of myself with a selfie stick using my phone camera as opposed to my SLR to add a feel of authenticity.
Using Adobe Photoshop, I put the two images together. The photograph I took on my phone was already grainy, so I added some noise to the photo of the moon to make it of a similar quality. I needed to make sure the lighting and the shadows on the image were coming from the same direction, and I had to make sure there was a shadow underneath my hand cast onto the moon.

I feel like I have created a well constructed manipulated image.

The moon and I

The moon and I


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