Exercise 5 – The manipulate image – Liz Wells research

Does digital technology change how we see photography as truth?

Arguments for:

  • As an audience we know that images can be manipulated, and what we see but not always be ‘real’.
  • Even when images have been manipulated, they are still telling the story of which they were intended, so will still get their point across.
  • There is no longer a defined genre of ‘documentary photography’. Images are not always just captured in the way that they were made to be seen, because we know they can e manipulated at a later time.

Arguments against:

  • The images that have been manipulated have to be there in the first place to be edited. If more than one image has been put together, it still had to be photographed in the first place.
  • Because the media, printed or otherwise, is so powerful, society believes what they see to be true. For example, images of models in magazines, as an audience we know they are edited but it doesn’t stop us believing what we are seeing is ‘real’.

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