Project 3 – Reportage – Exercise

When reading the brief for this exercise, I realised there aren’t any streets that particularly interest me, having not really thought about street photography as a direction I would venture into. I decided to stay local, and use a street that I knew well, close to home.

I visited the high street on two separate occasions; one on a very dreary and rainy day, and one on a day with glorious sunshine.

On both of these occasions, I feel like I did not find many interesting subjects to photograph, and also found it very difficult to be discreet enough in order to get ‘real’ images.

On both occasions, I prefer the black and white set of photographs. Especially on the rainy day, it coincides with the weather and adds ‘moodiness’ to an already dreary day. On both sets of images, I feel like there are too many colours in the colour photographs and they become distracting.

Street photography is definitely an area that I need to work on and develop my skills on in the future.

 ContactSheet-001 ContactSheet-001 ContactSheet-001


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