Project 3 – Reportage – Research

When researching contemporary street photography, you find that most images are in black and white.
I think that these images show more emotions and feel more ‘raw’. Sometimes the colour in the photographs can be distracting, and detract away from this emotion. Even when colour photography is used in street photography, it is very muted and not usually bright colours.

Henri Cartier – Bresson used surrealism in his street photography, to create ‘abnormal’ situations. He used a small Leica camera (which he painted black), so that he could have more anonymity when capturing his images.

henri-cartier-bresson-berli  henri-cartier-bresson-umbrella 

Helen Levitt focused a lot on children and the comedy of people in her street photography. In capturing children in this way, she is able to show innocence in its most natural way.

5.-levitt7 helen levitt 2 heloen levitt helen levitt 3

Martin Parr photographed the satirical sense of ‘British-ness’, and captured the ‘real-life’ of the working class in Britain. He shot in colour, and was influenced by many American street photographers, and impacted by the saturated colours of postcard photographs.

martin parr 2 martin parr  martin parr 3 mparr

Joel Meyerowitz was one of the fist advocated of colour street photography. He photographed in the US, and used the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the American streets.

JM13 joel meyerowitz Joel_Meyerowitz-3 joel-meyerowitz-nyc-west-46th-street-1976


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