Project 4 – Documentary as art – Sarah Pickering research

Sarah Pickering has worked with the emergency services, pyrotechnic manufacturers, TV prop makers and the police to produce her images. In Public Order, Pickering creates a set of images that viewers believe to be a derelict town. On a more in depth look at the images, it is made know that this is a fabricated place used for […]

Project 4 – Documentary as art – Paul Seawright Research

Paul Seawright grew up in Belfast amongst the ‘troubles’ of Northern Ireland. In ‘Sectarian Murders’, he captures images of areas and places where murders of civilians took place during this time. He tends to take the images from low on the ground and generally in derelict areas, with no signs of people, to give it the […]

Project 3 – Reportage – Exercise

When reading the brief for this exercise, I realised there aren’t any streets that particularly interest me, having not really thought about street photography as a direction I would venture into. I decided to stay local, and use a street that I knew well, close to home. I visited the high street on two separate […]

Project 3 – Reportage – Research

When researching contemporary street photography, you find that most images are in black and white. I think that these images show more emotions and feel more ‘raw’. Sometimes the colour in the photographs can be distracting, and detract away from this emotion. Even when colour photography is used in street photography, it is very muted […]

Project 2 – Photojournalism

Reading further into critical debates around photojournalism, I found the idea of compassion fatigue very interesting. Daily, even hourly, as a population we are bombarded with images from across the globe, especially of atrocities. Do these horrific images numb our response to them as a viewer? “the shock of photographed atrocities wears off with repeated […]

Project 1 – Eyewitnesses?

Objective – Not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.                      Unbiased, Impartial, Fair, Open-minded Can photographs ever be objective? Arguments for: The photographer would not have time to ‘pose’ the subjects, or choose what as happening in the background Image that […]